SA Crate Pty Ltd trading as SAC Packaging and Design
an integrated packaging solution company

SA Crate Ltd was formed in 1977 by the Apple and Pear Growers Association (APGA) to support growers with products and services required to bring fresh produce to market. The Board of Directors is made up of 4 members, the Chairman John Magarey, Glyndon Flavell, William Filsell and Michael Nicol all with extensive business experience. The General Manager Paul Bowles and CFO Ray Nagel make up the senior management team.

With an increasing awareness of the environment Business must do their part in reducing waste and the carbon footprint their product leaves. Alternatives are available replace poor choices like polystyrene moulds for pulped paper, recyclable airbags for fragile transport or reusable crates.

In June 2010, SAC Packaging and Design was formed, this is a dedicated and specialised cell that provides 100% recyclable or reusable packaging through innovation and design. Products supplied and serviced provide a solution that meets the highest standards in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Environmental Awareness.Manufacturing and Design Service processes and procedures within this cell meet ISO9001, ISO9004 and RoHs.

Communication is key, We Listen, We Research New Technology and Provide a Solution.

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