Bin Tipper Chepstretch System Pallet Jack Palift
Foward Bin Tipper

•Fast controlled hydraulic tipping action
•Quick & easy fitting or removal from forklift
•Clear view design – does not obstruct vision of tines
•Minimal loss of forklift load capacity
•Does not affect forklift capacity to handle pallets or stacked bins.
•135° forward rotation ensures complete emptying of bin.
•Operator does not leave forklift seat.
•Gentle on bins – extends bin life.
•Suitable for a wide range of cubic bin sizes & types – plastic or timber, solid or vented.
•Unique bin grab applies firm grip on bin when inverted.
•Robust construction for years of trouble-free operation.
•Powdercoated finish.
•Minimal maintenance
•Stainless steel pivot pins.
•Long life, zero maintenance pivot bearings.
•Safety catch prevents tipping if bin is not correctly on tines.
•Patent pending.

The CHEP Stretch System

This system is a total solution for your wrapping needs that includes:
•The rental of a pre-stretch machine.
•Sufficent suitable films supply to satisfy your pallet wrapping needs.
•A preventative maintenance plan for the machine.
•Training and instruction to operate machinery.

What are the benefits?
The CHEP Stretch System has benefits which include:
•You pay only for what you use. Costs are based on a per pallet load wrapped at a predetermined price.
•The use of pre-stretch technology allow you to use less whilst improving load stability and security.
•No capital outlay. The machine is rented for an agreed period.
•Reliable, high quality film supply.

Pallet Jack

Sometimes the most important details are taken for granted, and what should have been a well-planned decision is made on the spur of the moment.
Unfortunately, this occurs all too often when buying a hand pallet jack.
When you buy from CHEP Australia you’re buying from a company that is a leader in pallet handling knowledge.
Ask about our range of pallet jacks and be assured of a quality.


Palift is a load elevating and lowering device designed to eliminate the bending required when loading and unloading palletised goods.
As a palletised load is progressively loaded or unloaded it is gradually raised or lowered automatically to maintain the top of the load at an ideal height throughout the operation.


Paldisc is designed specifically so that pallets can be placed on or removed from the turntable using only a hand pallet truck.
The load can then be easily rotated for reduced manual effort during loading or unloading.
This improves work efficiency and reduces the risk of injury.
Paldisc is ideal wherever forklifts are restricted, such as mezzanine floors, hygienic areas in pharmaceutical and food industries, or wherever space is limited.


The palring is a quality turntable designed to improve safety and efficiency that will not bind or tighten under load.
With a low weight and large capacity it allows staff to rotate loads with minimal effort.

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