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Moulded Paper Pulp is fast becoming the choice for manufactures wanting to package products in a safe packaging medium that provides a shock absorbent . When considering the solution, 2 key points are considered first, shipping protection and cost. The environmental nature of packaging is a cost, the biggest cost is to our environment, waste and landfill sites are exploding with capacities reaching critical in some Countries.

Some of the largest Corporate Companies have already or are in the process of replacing all polystyrene mouldings with Pulped Paper Moulds.

This packaging medium is able to protect something as delicate as Eggs, Fruit and Glassware to Pallets that carry 2 tons +.



Sugar Cane Pulp and Corn Starch Products

Bagasse is now the accepted replacement for harmful materials such as polystyrene which are considered now globally as the toxic product that should never have been, it does not break down and the increasing view is that this is environmentally unacceptable.
Bagasse based products have been certified 100% compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute
The attributes of this technology include high water/oil temperature resistance, as well as safe for use in microwave and freezer.

Another well documented and supported industry replacement for polystyrene container packaging material is corn starch. This blended and polymerized with aliphatic materials such as: (PLA,PHBV,PCL). The modified tapioca and corn starch are combined into a material formula that provides bio-degradable products such as take away food containers, plates, bowls, cups.etc as well as medical consumables.

This complete range of product is manufactured to meet a standard that complies with ISO9004/Haccp certification.

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